Barbie went shopping this weekend at the mall for a new sport outfit. She was not pleased with the clothing items she found there, as they were too out of fashion for her fashionista tastes. A friend recommended Barbie your fashion studio and your task is to design a fashionable sport outfit for her. She can't wear the same attire each day she goes to the gym. Create as many attires as you can combining tops, bottoms, sleeves and socks. Choose the color of your fabric, keeping it plain or adding a chic pattern to it, before cutting and tailoring your clothes. Dress up Barbie in modern fitness attires, accessorizing them with trendy kicks or trainers, girly dumbbells, a workout belt and a pretty hairstyle. She will surely like your fashion studio designs and she might even ask you to accompany her at the gym. Have a great time playing this brand new dress up game!