Have you ever considered designing your own clothes, girls? Well, you can start by creating lots of girly chic pyjama outfits. Sophia is throwing a pyjama party and she wants to wear a fashionable sleeping outfit. Her bffs will surely wear the trendiest night gowns, tops, bottoms and slipper, but Sophia is always ahead of them when it comes to fashion and style. Design the fanciest pajama clothes mixing girly chic body tops, sleeves, waist belts and bottoms. Pick the fabric color and pattern for each clothing item, then go to our fabulous fashion studio and bring you sketches to life. Cut the materials according to the desired shapes, then use the sewing machine to stitch the parts together. Select the designs you like the most and dress up the cute girl with them. Complete her attires with matching house shoes and accessories. Have fun playing our brand new dress up game, ladies!