There are just a few weeks left until the wedding and Katie has not found the perfect wedding dress yet. She will not be the bride, but the bridesmaid this time. Still, she wants to look ravishing in an elegant designer gown. Create the most beautiful bridesmaid dress at your fashion studio. Begin with a dress fitting session trying on different tops and bottoms. Make a sketch of how Katie's gown will look like adding sleeves and waist belt as well. Select the fabric color and prints next. When you are happy with your fashion creation, move on to the studio tailoring, cutting and sewing. Sew the parts together using the sewing machine. You can always go back and make changes if you are not pleased with the outcome or if your client is not satisfied. She might not like the color or, on the contrary, she might want a lace print added. Complete the wedding outfit with a gorgeous pair of earrings, high heel shoes, flower bouquet and fancy hairstyle. Have fun playing our brand new dress up game!