Who is your favorite fantasy princess, girls? Is it Frozen Elsa or her sister Anna, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Aurora or princess Merida? How about Maleficent? Dress up like a fantasy girl trying on glam gorgeous princess dresses, tops, skirts, shoes and jewels. Princesses wear their hair long so a wavy or straight long hairstyle is the best hair styling idea for your fantasy girl look. Dress up the beautiful Barbie model in stunning fantasy princess gowns in pastel or darker colors. Have you ever thought of a fantasy bride look for your wedding day? The glittery pastel blue and purple dresses are absolutely ravishing. I don't really fancy the cream and dark grey designs though. Do you, girls? Combine each princess top with the right skirt to create more outfits for the cute Barbie doll to wear. Accessorize the attires with gold, diamond or silver jewelry. Continue the fun dress up party playing Ice Queen Beauty, Lolita Beauty Queen and Barbie Fairy Princess dress up games! Enjoy!