The Thanksgiving Day dinner is the most important meal of the fall season. It is celebrated in each family with a party and a rich table full of traditional food. The stuffed turkey, the pumpkin pie, fruits and vegetable cannot miss from the fall dinner party. Have you set the table yet? If you fancy eating something new besides the traditional cuisine, we have some great cooking ideas for you. Check out these mouth watering dishes and desserts. Decorate the table with a yummy stake, mashed potatoes and green beans, a delicious pork chop, mashed potato and gravy or even lasagna. Start with a warm soup and a glass of wine, water or juice. Add some apples, bananas, corn, pineapple or grapes to the menu. A lighted candle and some autumn leaves or flowers bring the fall scent in your house. Design various Thanksgiving table alternatives and pick the one that looks more appealing to you. Have fun playing this new cooking game!