Welcome to a new and exciting cooking class! Today I have a great new recipe inspired from the Mexican cuisine to show you! It is actually a combination of Mexican and American cuisine and I am sure you will like my new recipe called fajita burger. This is a dish any of you can prepare at home, in your kitchen, or at a barbecue with family and friends. Are you eager to try my new fajita burger recipe? Follow me attentively while I show you the ingredients and the cooking process. We need red peppers, tortillas, meatballs and a special sauce prepared from mixing oil and chili powder. We grill the peppers and the meatballs, then the tortillas, but not before applying the sauce on them. The peppers must be cut into slices. You also need green lettuce to make this great dish. Use tortillas instead of the traditional sliced buns to wrap up all the ingredients. Enjoy playing this new cooking game!