Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Disney princess Cinderella and she is a student at the Ever After High school. Her fairy tale school bffs are Apple White and Briar Beauty, with whom she hangs out a lot at the Ever After High. Wanna be Ashlynn Ella's bff and hang out with her, girls? She has a fabulous princess wardrobe which only her bffs get the chance to see. She also has an impressive high heel shoes collection and an ultra fancy make up kit. Her mom Cinderella entrusted her some stunning beauty secrets which she uses each morning in a personalized facial beauty treatment. Have fun with the Ever After High doll and give her a modern Cinderella look with beauty cosmetics, make up, hair styling and girly chic outfits. Her trendy teen dresses and hairdos come in various color combinations and they can be mixed and matched in lots of gorgeous attires. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game!