Fluttershy is one of the Equestria girls and because she is quite shy, she needs your help, girls, to prepare for a very important event. Fluttershy is going on a date this afternoon and she is not very good at doing her make up and stuff. Give the cute Equestria girl an astonishing makeover from top to bottom. Start with a facial beauty treatment to make her face fresh and smooth, continue with a fabulous make up session, do her hair as well and finish her makeover with a fun girl dress up session. A natural make up will look really nice on Fluttershy and it might be what she needs to get rid of her shyness. Give her a confident and fashionable look picking a trendy chic attire and accessorize it with the perfect earrings, chain, hairstyle, bag, shoes and headband or hair pin. Looking good makes you feel good and this is exactly what this Equestria girl desires. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game!