Pastry chef Barbie is very busy today at her pastry shop. She just received an order for a fancy emo wedding cake which must be ready by tomorrow morning. Her pastry shop is very popular and lots of clients come in to buy cakes and pastry products or place orders. Help Barbie make a fashionable and mouth watering emo wedding cake, so that she can honor the order on time for the bride and groom's reception. Choose a different icing color for each layer or use just one color. Decorate the wedding cake with emo style ornaments like red hearts, red dots, roses, skulls or Hello Kitty figurines. Pick a funky table cloth, table ornament and plate. What kind of knife should the bride and groom use to cut their big dessert? Use a black chocolate or a neon pink topping and a bride and groom statuette to place on the top. Have fun playing this brand new decorating game!