Elsa's wedding is coming up soon and she wants everything to be perfect on that day. The location, decor, menu and even the bride and groom outfits are all taken care of. Yet Frozen Elsa cannot decide on the wedding cake. What kind of decorations should she use? What flavors should she pick for the layers? Why don't you decide for the Frozen bride to be? Make Elsa's wedding cake baking the layers and decorating them. Create the most beautiful design ever mixing yummy and colorful icing, frosting, toppings and ornaments. Pick a different color for each layer, add lots of whipped cream, Frozen ornaments and a gorgeous top statuette with the Frozen bride and groom kissing. Elsa cannot wait to see her amazing wedding cake so don't keep her waiting. Add some sparkly fireworks on the sides to celebrate the moment properly. Have a fabulous time playing our hot new cooking game!