Did you know Frozen Elsa is a great cook, girls? She has a passion for cooking and she makes the best desserts ever. Today she will show you how to make her special Frozen trifle dessert. Join the beautiful princess in the kitchen and pay attention to her cooking instruction. Mix the ingredients she points out to. Make the trifle mixtures and keep them in the refrigerator. Elsa has the best gelatin and whipped cream mixture recipes. Use a glass cup for the yummy dessert. Add blue marshmallows, blue and white candies and blue gelatin on the bottom of the cup. Continue with a layer of whipped cream, then add another layer of gelatin. Finish with a new layer of marshmallows, whipped cream and candies. Enjoy Elsa's Frozen trifle dessert with your loved ones. Have an amazing time playing our newest cooking game!