Welcome to Elsa's Creamery, kids! It is the dream place where you would love being for sure. Princess Elsa has prepared a big variety of ice cream for you and her Frozen friends. Olaf is the number one fan of Elsa's Creamery. Anna, Jack Frost, Sven and Kristoff are regular customers too. Help Frozen Elsa serve lots of ice cream, preparing each order as indicated and collecting the money. Make yummy ice cream cones and popsicles mixing flavors and toppings. Do you fancy vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or icy Frozen? Some customers want their Creamery dessert simple, while others will ask for candy sprinkles, whipped cream, fruits, chocolate chips or syrup on top. Be fast in serving the orders to the Frozen folks in order to make them happy, collect money and earn points. As the ice cream assistant of Frozen Elsa, you get to meet her popular friends and interact with them. How cool is that? Have a wonderful time playing our brand new cooking game!