Elsa's nails look horrible and the Frozen princess needs a spa salon manicure asap. She was busy cleaning up her palace room and cooking in the kitchen. All these house chores caused her nails to break. Give Frozen Elsa a fabulous new manicure using our professional nail salon tips. Treat the beautiful princess with a royal spa makeover. Begin the manicure session massaging her hands with a magic hand cream. Cut the broken nail tips and shape them up using the file. Cut the cuticles and apply a protective lotion. Continue the fun manicure time with Frozen princess Elsa selecting the desired size and decorating the nails with lots of gorgeous nail polish colors and prints. Go for a simple red, pink, blue, purple, green or black color or choose a fancy glam design. Check out the dazzling gold and diamond rings and bracelet the Frozen cutie hides in her jewelry box! Have a wonderful time playing our newest nails game for girls!