Cute Dora is cooking her secret tacos recipe in the kitchen with her mom. She invites you to join her in this amazing culinary adventure. Learn from Dora how to make super tasty tacos. Help her cut the pork meat first. Add the necessary seasonings, then cook the meat as instructed. Use caned beans and crushed garlic when you cook the pork meat. Vegetables are next on the list, so have fun cutting some tomatoes, onions and jalapenos. Her secret ingredient is avocado which must be mashed before added to the taco mixture. Combine all these ingredients and fill up the tortilla wraps with the resulting composition. Follow Dora's cooking instructions correctly and come up with a delicious dish which you can eat for lunch, brunch or dinner. This popular Mexican recipe has never been tastier, so have a wonderful time playing our brand new cooking game. Enjoy!