Animals have teeth problems just like us. They are dependent on their human owners to take care of their dental hygiene. In exchange our pets reward us with lots of love and affection. Meet my pug doggy Stanley. He hasn't been himself lately, crying a lot and refusing to eat his dog food. My intuition says he might have a toothache, so I brought my doggy to you for a dentist examination. Use your excellent vet skills to treat Stanley's teeth pain. Take a look at his wide open mouth and detect the issues that bother him. Brush the dog's teeth to clean them properly, then use the dentist tools to treat the caries. His fangs are in a really bad shape and they must be cleaned of all that dental plague. Some teeth cannot be saved any more and they must be pulled out and replaced with new white ones. Give my dog a sparkling white smile and make him happy again. Have fun playing our brand new pet game!