Dawna loves fashion and she dreams of wearing fashionable and feminine outfits all the time, whether she is asleep or awake. She has great fashion stylist skills and she designs her own outfits, using trendy clothes and accessories from her wardrobe. In her dreams, Dawna imagines herself wearing girly chic dresses accessorized with fancy pearl necklaces, trendy purses and stylish haircuts. She wants to turn her visions into reality and wear those gorgeous outfits in the real life as well. One day she will become a famous fashion stylist, dressing up lots of celebrities. Here you have the clothes and accessories she saw while she was sleeping. Dress the girl up in elegant dresses, tops and bottoms, matching each outfit with a pretty chain, a chic bag or a flower bouquet, and a trendy hairstyle. Have fun playing this brand new dress up game for girls!