Love cares not of season or weather. When you set a date with a person you have a like for, you do not cancel or postpone it using a lame excuse such as bad weather. You go for it against all odds and see what happens. Bad weather can turn out to be your biggest ally. This beautiful college girl has a date with a senior fellow student. She did not expect any rain for today but some black clouds threaten to spoil their romantic encounter. An umbrella is a must have accessories and the first fashion item she has in mind. Now comes the hard part. What should the girl wear for her dating in the rain? A pretty dress and heels will make a great impression for sure. Dress up the girl in a casual chic gown and overcoat or jacket. Add a pair of elegant high heel shoes or booties, a stylish hand bag, scarf, gold earrings and chain, as well as a retro hot wavy hairstyle to complete her look. Dress up the boy in a fashionable attire as well. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new dress up game for girls!