This fancy emo girl is a daily doggie walker and each afternoon she walks her pack of cute dogs in the park or on the river bank. The doggie walker is a part time job for her and it helps her earn some pocket money to go shopping for new clothes, shoes and accessories at the mall. She is about to walk a cute pack of dogs and she needs a comfy and fashionable attire to wear. Dress up the dog walker girl in a trendy chic outfit mixing and matching her fancy tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. Pick a chic hipster dress and accessorize it with a pair of flat shoes, leggings, hand bag and jewels. She can also wear a trendy emo t-shirt and skirt combined with black boots or sneakers, funky tie or chain and emo teen hairstyle. Use your creativity and your great fashion tastes to design lots of outfits for the daily doggie walker. Enjoy playing this brand new dress up game!