I love eating cheesecake, don't you, kids? Cheesecake is my favorite dessert and I just love when my mom and me cook a cheesecake in our kitchen. I like eating all sorts of cheesecake, regular cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake or caramel cheesecake. My favorite cheesecake though is the creamy cheesecake. Today me and my mom are going to make a delicious creamy cheesecake and I decided to show you how to make it, so that you also have this tasty creamy cheesecake recipe. Let's have fun in the kitchen cooking creamy cheesecake! We need mashed wafers, eggs, Philadelphia cream cheese and a few more ingredients. Can you guess which are the rest of the ingredients I use to make my creamy cheesecake? Follow the mixing steps correctly, as shown in this cooking game, and you will have a yummy creamy cheesecake. Have fun playing creamy cheesecake cooking game! Play the most Popular Games only on egirlgames.net!