Soup is a very important dish in our daily diet and it should not miss from our daily meals. Which is your favorite soup, kids? Do you eat soup regularly? Do you know how to make a soup? I have a great soup recipe for you today called cream of asparagus soup. Eating soup every day is good for our health and it helps our digestion. Asparagus is a very healthy vegetable and so is the cream of asparagus soup. Learn to make a delicious cream of asparagus soup playing this free online cooking game. Play the Best Girl Games and the most Popular Games only on! Are you curious what ingredients are needed to prepare the cream of asparagus soup? Well, we firstly need asparagus, of course, but also butter, sliced onion, pepper, salt, chicken broth, water and a few more secret ingredients which I let you discover on your own playing Cream of Asparagus Soup cooking game. Enjoy your cream of asparagus soup!