My mom is a great cook and she has a delicious cranberry turkey recipe which she prepares for each Thanksgiving Day dinner. I like watching her cook in the kitchen and helping her out. She is about to make her tasty cranberry turkey and you are invited to participate as well. First all feathers must be pulled off the turkey. Then the meat must be seasoned with oil, salt, pepper, spices and green herbs before being placed in the oven to roast. While the meat is roasting, you can prepare the cranberry sauce. Put cranberries in a hot sauce pan and add the rest of the ingredients one by one. Add water, orange juice and sugar, stirring for the mixture to blend properly and turn into a sauce. The Thanksgiving food is made and all that is left to do is to set the table. Pick the table cloth, place the meat in the middle and the sauce next to it. Put some cakes, pies and fruits on the sides. Enjoy playing this new cooking game! Happy Thanksgiving!