Hey, girls! I bet you have a favorite dish, snack or dessert! Well, I love Chinese cuisine, especially the way they prepare the seafood. Me and my parents often go to the Chinese restaurant where there is a big variety of buffet food. Sometimes we make our own crab and shrimp cocktail at home. My mom is a great cook and she spoils me and my dad with delicious crab, shrimp, oysters and fish recipes. Check out all these delicacies she just cooked for our dinner! I want to help her out by setting the dinner table. Which cloth should I use as table cover this evening? Pick the prettiest one for me and then let's have fun placing the mouth watering dishes on it. Choose a fish plate, which can be fillet and veggies or a whole fish. Place the crab and shrimp plates next to it. We usually start the cocktail dinner with a bowl of soup and we finish it with dessert. I fancy eating a slice of cake tonight, but that ice cream looks delicious as well. Have fun playing our new cooking game!