Baby Barbie has started a new face painting trend sharing her new hobby with all the kids on the block. Play Baby Barbie Hobbies Face Painting baby game and discover lots of fabulous surprises the cute baby girl has in store for you. Here are some more cool designs to occupy your spare time with. This cute girl wants to try a couple of funny animal prints. Help her paint a cool sparkling dolphin, dragon, bird, frog, penguin, teddy bear or fish on her face. Select your favorite face painting and learn how to draw and color it. Use a black pen to sketch the drawing, then start filling up the contour with colors following the coloring instructions. When the design is ready, spread lots of glitter on it to enhance the wow effect. Repeat the process with the other designs and call your friends over so they try this awesome hobby as well. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new coloring game!