Welcome to a new master chef cooking class! Today's fabulous recipe is Swedish meatballs. Our master chef will give you the cooking instructions and you have to chop and mix the ingredients according to his directions. Start by cutting onions and green pepper into small pieces. Make the meatballs mixing ground beef, eggs, flour, garlic, bread crumbs, chopped onion, chili pepper, cheese and a special sauce. Roll up the mixture in little balls and fry them in a sauce pan on the stove. Use butter instead of cooking oil, it gives them a better taste. Pay attention to the next step as this is what makes this recipe unique and delicious. The little Swedish balls of beef meat must be fried a second time in a specially made sauce. Serve them with egg noodles on the side. Now try this brand new recipe in your own kitchen and enjoy it with family and friends. Have fun playing our new cooking game!