How about eating a delicious pizza this afternoon? Do you know how to make a home made pizza from scratch? The cooking master has a fabulous pizza class today for you. Play Cooking Master Pizza Time cooking game and learn from the cooking master how to make a home made pizza dough and three different types of pizza, a wood fired oven pizza, a tasty Hawaiian pizza and a barbecued pizza. To make the pizza dough, you need flour, sugar, warm water, salt, olive oil and dried yeast. Use a large bowl, whisk, wood and rolling pin, a plate and cling film as cooking tool. Mix all the above pizza dough ingredients with the whisk in the bowl, respecting the order shown by the cooking master. Once the pizza dough is done, place it on the wood and role it with the rolling pin. Now that you have your home made pizza dough, let's make three different types of pizza. First you will cook the wood fired oven pizza, the the Hawaiian pizza and the barbecued pizza. Have fun playing cooking master pizza time cooking game!