Hey girls! I am cooking a celebration cake for my little sister's birthday. We have organized a great birthday party for her and the guests arrive in a few hours. Lots of friends and classmates are invited. My sister is excited to open her birthday presents. What she does not know is that I am about to cook her favorite cake. This is going to be my birthday surprise gift for her. Cooking the celebration cake requires a bit of preparation. Help me find all the ingredients in the kitchen. Making the batter is next. Can you mix flour, sugar, milk, olive oil, eggs and butter for me? use the electric mixer for best results. This is a two layers cake so I need two trays to bake the batter. Decorating is last and here I need your help to choose the frosting. Whipped cream, cherries or strawberries, candy sprinkles and chocolate are the toppings I fancy. Which ones do you like? Have fun playing our brand new cooking game!