Comfy style is the perfect choice for a fashionable casual look. You can wear it at school, at the mall, at work or on the street. If you wake up one morning not knowing what to wear, just throw a pair of denim skinny jeans on. Add a chic t-shirt or a loose blouse, converses and a trendy hand bag, and you are ready to go. Try a denim shirtdress or a denim shirt combined with a ruffled skirt, high heels and sunglasses for a comfy and feminine outfit. Comfy style gives you lots of dress up choices. You can go from sport to street casual and smart casual. I bet you have a white top in your closet, girls! Accessorize it with a denim vest and a pretty short skirt or wear it with jeans or short pants, depending on where you go. Get lots of fashion fabulous dress up tips playing our brand new dress up game for girls! Have a great time!