Sonia works as a mechanic in her father's auto shop. It is quite uncommon for a girl to have such a job, but she has a huge passion for driving, fixing and tuning up cars. She is also a car race driver and she loves driving fast and furious vehicles mechanically modified by her own hands. Sonia was changing the oil when a clumsy move made her spill it all over her clothes. Can you wash her dirty clothes while the mechanic girl works on her new car? Separate the colored ones from the whites, then start doing the laundry. Use the proper laundry detergent and hang up the clothes on the rope to dry. Iron and fold them next. Sonia needs another outfit to wear while you are busy doing her laundry. Dress the girl up in a pretty top, over top, bottom and shoes. How about a bit of make up on her lips and eyelids? Have a fabulous time playing our brand new dress up game for girls!