Classic tartan is the new fashion trend, ladies! This spring summer designer collection is about to reveal to you the must have clothing items of this season. You not only get the chance to be the first one to have a glance at it, but you can also dress up this beautiful top model in stylish tops, bottoms, over tops and dresses. Consider this as being your own closet and design the outfits you would wear on the street, at the mall or at a party. Dress up the runway model in classic tartan dresses and accessorize each gown with an elegant overcoat or jacket, high heel booties or shoes, chic hand bag, hairstyle and sunglasses. Check out the fashionable tartan skirts, blouses and shirts as well. Keep it simple though combining a plaid skirt with a plain black top and blazer, for example. You have lots of dress up alternatives to choose from, so enjoy playing our brand new dress up game for girls! Have fun!