Each year Kelly bakes Christmas tree cupcakes for her family dinner. Her cousins, nephews and nieces are the happiest ones to taste her delicious small cakes. Christmas Eve is almost here and it is time for Kelly to cook her famous dessert recipe again. Learn from her how to make fabulous Christmas tree cupcakes and serve them to your guests. Help Kelly mix all the ingredients necessary to make the batter. Place it in the muffin cups with a spoon and bake the tray in the oven. The fun part begins only after the cupcakes are done baking. You have to decorate them to resemble a lovely decorated fur tree. Kelly will show you how to make the topping and what kind of decorative candies to use for the globes and tinsel. Don't eat the mouth watering dessert right away, but save it for the big night, so that Santa can have some as well. Have a fabulous time playing this brand new cooking game!