Welcome to a brand new and fabulous cooking class, girls! Today's recipe is called Christmas pudding cake pops. Put your kitchen apron on and let the fun begin! We need melted white chocolate which we mix with lemon zest and cake. Make lollipops from the resulting batter and dip them in melted dark chocolate. Decorate the Christmas pudding cake pops with a bit of white chocolate and mistletoe leaves on top. This recipe is easy to make and it does not need any baking time. Try it over and over again playing this new cooking game, then show it to your mom and have a fabulous mother daughter time in the kitchen preparing it. These pudding cake pops look amazing and taste delicious. Your Christmas guests will be delighted to have a bite of your new dessert. They might think it is a hard candy lollipop, but they will be nicely surprised to discover a soft and yummy delicacy. Have a fabulous time playing this brand new cooking game!