Pupils and students look forward to their winter holiday. This is a well deserved school break with no homework to do and no waking up early in the morning to get to school. Going shopping for Christmas presents, helping the parents with house chores, playing in the snow, skiing, skateboarding, ice skating and hanging out with friends are all fun things to do. Yet nothing compares to being a Christmas doll creator. Create your own fashionista Christmas doll collection playing this brand new dress up game! Use the make up kit to change the skin tone, lip color, eye shade and face grimace of the doll model. Make her look European, Asian, American, African, Canadian or Australian. Style up the mode's hair using various hairdos in lots of hair colors. Dress her up in chic and fashionable winter outfits, like for example a fancy Santa girl or an elegant New Year's Eve fashion diva attire. There are dozens of combinations you can create with the tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories available. Have fun playing this awesome dress up game for girls!