Hey, girls! Are you enjoying your Christmas holiday? What presents did Santa Claus bring you on the Christmas Eve? I received lots of presents, mostly clothes, pajamas and perfumes, and I can't wait to wear them. I just noticed my gingerbread cookies are all gone. Probably Santa ate them all. It will be a tragedy to be left without dessert on such a special day, so I am about to make my delicious Christmas cheese cake secret recipe. Help me bake this yummy cheese cake and I will tell you my recipe in return. I have lots of cupboards in my kitchen and it takes me quite a while to find all the tool and ingredients. Find them for me and this way we can save precious time. Mix the ingredients as pointed out to make the cake. Bake it in the oven and add the required toppings on. You can even place a cherry or two on your slice before eating it. Have fun playing this brand new cooking game!