Chef Barbie is here to present you another one of her great cake recipes. Barbie is preparing Ken his favorite cake, the chocolate cheesecake. She wants to surprise him with this delicious dessert when he comes by her house. She is all alone at home right now and she needs your help to bring her all the necessary ingredients and kitchen tools. Her mom used to help her with making this cake, but she is away at the moment. Barbie is going to prepare the crust first. Can you find the objects and ingredients she shows you? She needs chocolate crumbs, melted butter, a bowl, a spoon, a spring form pan to prepare the crust. Help her mix all the ingredients properly. Then you have to help her make the cake filling. Look around in the kitchen for the required objects and ingredients to make the filling with. Check in the cupboards, on the counter top and in the fridge for eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, flour, cream cheese, sour cream, hot water and so on. Have a fabulous time playing this brand new cooking game!