What's up, girls? I went to the mall the other day and some colorful cookies got my attention in the window of a pastry shop. On inquiring the shop assistant about them, I found out they were called macaroons. They not only looked mouth watering but they were truly delicious. I decided to search on the net for their recipe and try making them at home. This chocolate and almond macaroons recipe sounds amazing and I am preparing it right now in the kitchen. Let's learn together how to make this fabulous dessert, shall we? Help me find the given ingredients so we can start the cooking process. Did you spotted the milk, salt, almond extract and the flaked coconut jar? Mix them up with a blender and place the resulting dough in a baking tray. Once the macaroons are baked, put them on a plate and decorate them with chocolate topping and almonds. Have fun playing this new cooking game!