Let's make chili con carne for dinner today, shall we? I came across a stunning chili con carne recipe and I cannot wait to cook it. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. We can go over the recipe and cooking directions first. Finding the ingredients is the next step. Chili con carne is a stew made with steak, chopped onion, garlic, tomatoes, pepper, cayenne powder and cumin powder. Use green, red and chili pepper. Add oregano, beans, chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste. While the chili con carne stew is cooking, we can move our attention to preparing the garnish. Mix shredded cheese with sliced scallion and the garnish is ready to serve. My friends are about to arrive for our dinner party and I am sure they will adore the dish we are cooking right now. Continue the fun playing more awesome cooking games on egirlgames.net! Have a blast!