What's up, girls? I have recently come across a brand new pad thai recipe with chicken and I am about to cook it today. This is an easy to make home recipe which I want to master, so that when I have guests over, I can impress them with such a dish. It looks amazing, mouth-watering and complicated, but it is a simple recipe which any of you can cook. Let's make chicken pad thai together and enjoy a fabulous cooking time! Help me cut the chicken breast, the red pepper, the lemons and the carrots. Boil noodles in hot water and place them on a plate. Mix two eggs with flour, thai sauce, ketchup and lemon juice. In a hot pan with cooking oil fry the cut peppers, meat, noodles, thai sauce mixture and noodles. There are a couple of secret ingredients which you have to add to this yummy dish, but you have to find them on your own. Enjoy playing this delicious new cooking game!