The English people fancy eating fish and chips, while the Americans like eating chicken nuggets and fries. It is a popular fast food dish which you will find in the menu of each American dinner restaurant. The good news is that you don't have to live in the USA to eat this yummy dish. Now you can make delicious chicken nuggets and French fries at home following this brand new recipe. How cool is that? Live the American culinary dream and prepare a traditional American food. For this recipe you need a whole chicken, which you must cut into pieces. Separate the wings, the legs and the breast, then pinch off the flesh from the bones and cover it in toast crumbles. Fry the resulting nuggets in a pan. To make the French fries, peel off some potatoes, cut them in thin sticks and fry them in cooking oil. This is an easy and fast recipe to prepare and it makes a great Sunday snack lunch. Enjoy playing this brand new cooking game!