Chelsea is a cute and energetic baby girl and she uses her energy to run around and play with her friends. She was caught by a pouring rain today while playing out and she caught a nasty flu as a result. Now Chelsea must be treated at the children's hospital and the doctor ordered her to rest in bed until she is completely cured. Help the little baby girl recover from the ugly flu which prevents her from being active and playful. Be the baby's nurse and take good care of her. Check the body temperature and the heart beat first. The vital signs are not threatened, so Chelsea is safe from danger. Take care of her stuffed nose using a nasal spray. She is coughing and sneezing a lot and a coughing syrup is the best remedy in such cases. Wipe his runny nose with tissue paper and use the oxygen mask to make sure she does not have any breathing problems. You are doing a great nursing job and the doctor will soon sent the baby patient home. Have fun playing our brand new baby game!