I'm so hungry. I feel like eating a carrot cake. Therefore, I started searching for a recipe that would ease my craving, and I found it! The recipe is called: Carrot Cake With Yogurt Drizzle Icing. I started reading it and I realized that it would be mush easier than I initially thought it would be. If you found yourself in the same situation as me, I warmly recommend that you also try this recipe. This great cooking game will teach you how to cook the carrot cake step by step. Firstly, you have to mix all of the ingredients necessary for the carrot mixture, which you will mix with the help of the blender. After you have done this, you can now get further to preparing the rest on the ingredients that are going to be baked in the oven together with the mixture you have just made. Good luck with baking the carrot cake with yogurt drizzle icing, and bon apetit!