Carol is a wonderful babysitter and today she is caring for this cute baby boy. It is bath time and Carol needs your help. Fill up the bath tub with warm water and make lots of bubbles. Wash the little boy with water, shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Dry him with a towel and use a blow dryer to dry his hair. Use the hair tools available to brush his curly blonde hair. Apply various moisturizing lotions, oils and creams on his skin to keep it soft and hydrated. A body spray, lavender oil or roll on deodorant will make him smell lovely. Use talc powder, diaper cream and wipes before you change his diaper. Dress up the baby boy in cute costumes and outfits, mixing and matching his chic clothes and accessories. Carol can now relax a bit while the cute baby plays with his toys. Give him another bath before bed time and don't forget to change his diapers again. Have fun playing this brand new baby game!