Girls, what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you wanna have a career as an office girl, top model or fashion designer? Sandra is a successful fashion stylist and she dresses up clients from all walks of life. This week she must create fashionable outfits for six different career girls, a housekeeper, politician, doctor, police officer, airplane pilot and cashier. Assist the career stylist in dressing up her clients. Sandra trusts your amazing fashion tastes, so she will give you free hand at dressing up three of her clients. Select the girls you want to dress up, then get to work designing their outfits. Dress up the police officer in a trendy chic police uniform, accessorizing the attire with matching shoes, makeup and hairstyle. Add a police officer badge and fancy sunglasses. Design an elegant politician attire, a professional doctor look and a fashionable pilot girl costume, where aviator sunglasses are a must have. Enjoy playing our brand new dress up game, ladies!