Sophia is a talented and popular fashion stylist. Lots of career girls come to her fashion studio to be dressed by her. She designs elegant and stylish clothes for work, street and evening events. This week she must dress up a teacher, lawyer, nurse, scientist, chef and waitress. Each career girl needs new fashionable outfits for their work place. Help Sophia dress up her clients, selecting three of them and picking the right clothes and accessories for each field of activity. Design a chic office look for the lawyer dressing her up in sassy tops, skirts, dresses and high heels. The teacher wants a trendy and feminine look, while the nurse and the waitress fancy pretty professional uniforms. How would you dress up the chef and the scientist? Your fashion stylist skills will be put to the test, so do your best to dress up the ladies with style. Have fun playing our awesome new dress up game for girls!