Do you like eating fudge cake, kids? How about a yummy candy corn fudge? Play Candy Corn Fudge cooking game and learn to cook a great dessert for the whole family called candy corn fudge. Let's find out what ingredients we need to make candy corn fudge dessert. We need a pan and a foil, butter, marshmallow cream, sugar, milk, candy corn, yummy chocolate chips, peanuts, white chocolate and semisweet chocolate. Now that you know the ingredients, it is time to cook our candy corn fudge. Pay attention to the cooking directions and make sure you mix the ingredients correctly. First, we mix the butter, marshmallow cream, sugar and milk in a pan covered with foil over the heated stove. Then we make another mixture of chocolate chips, candy corn and peanuts which we add over the previous pan mixture. And there you have the candy corn fudge. Decorate the candy corn fudge with melted white and semisweet chocolate and with candy corn. Enjoy cooking candy corn fudge!