Looking for the perfect Easter dessert to serve to your guests? Well, bunnies carrot cake is what you need! Cooking the cake batter is easy. The decorating part is more time consuming. Make the most amazing Easter cake choosing one flavor like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, or going for a double flavored layer. Once the cake is assembled on the plate, it is time to decorate it with toppings and ornaments. Use lots of icing, frosting and whipped cream on the top, sides and bottom. Nuts, fruits and candies can also be used. Being a carrot cake, carrots are a must have on top or sides, whether they are real or made out of fondant. How about a whipped cream or gingerbread bunny on top too? Or you can use lots of bunnies. The decorating possibilities are endless depending on what you fancy. Have a great time playing our brand new cooking game and Happy Easter everybody!