Cindy has a naughty puppy pet which likes to stick its paws everywhere. Cindy baked some delicious brownies yesterday and the dog's foot prints were all over them when she returned in the kitchen. A fabulous cooking idea came to her mind when she saw the freshly decorated mini cakes and this is how Cindy invented her amazing brownie paw recipe. Her pastry cook skills were of real help when it came to making the cute decorations and she is eager to share this yummy recipe with you, ladies! Learn to make cute paw decorated brownies and don't forget to note the recipe in your cook book. Celebrate your pet's birthday with this delicious dessert which is easy and fun to prepare. Go through each cooking step with Cindy and mix the ingredients as indicated. Mix melted chocolate with half a dozen eggs, flour, sugar and vanilla extract. Bake the brownies in the oven as directed. Decorate them with white frosting using a kitchen piping bag. Be very careful when it comes to making the decorative paws. Have a great time playing this brand new cooking game!