Plastic surgery can fix lots of imperfections. This cute girl has a deviation of septum which gives her nose a crooked unaesthetic look. She broke it in childhood as a result of a bike accident and now that she is an adult, she decided to do something about it. Be the plastic surgeon and perform your first broken nose surgery. This operation will solve the patient's breathing problem if it is done properly. There is room for no mistakes when a human life is involved, so do your best. Put your patient to sleep using anesthesia. Open the nostrils using a retractor. Use the scalpel to make an incision in the colum separating the nostrils, thus allowing the nasal skin to be lifted off of the tip of the nose. Follow the complete surgery procedure which involves the use of other operating utensils like scissors, cauterizer, tweezers, airway splint, needle, rubber mallet and bandages. Have an amazing time playing our brand new surgery game!