It is time for Briar Beauty to reveal her Ever After High beauty and fashion secrets. Are you ready to have a glimpse at her magical facial cosmetic treatment, make up kit and her fairy tale wardrobe, girls? Before Briar Beauty starts sharing her Ever After secrets, you have to find some items for her. Check the bathroom cabinets and shelves for her scrub lotion and glove, face mask, brushes, eye cream, towels, cleanser and watermelon mask. First apply the face mask and wipe it off with a towel. Use the scrub and the cleanser next. Apply the watermelon mask next, then continue with the eye cream to soften up her wrinkles. Finish her cosmetic treatment with plucking her eyebrows. Briar Beauty has an impressive closet and today you get the chance to design ten different outfits for the Ever After High princess diva. Match each attire with a pretty chic make up, hairstyle and studs. Have a fantastic time playing this brand new facial beauty game!