How was your breakfast this morning? What did you eat for breakfast? Did you have some pancakes with maple syrup, a bowl of cereals and milk, a cheeseburger, gem toast or some bacon with fried eggs? Make your favorite breakfast choosing the breakfast food and drinks you like the most. Play Breakfast at Doli's cooking game and pick the breakfast food, dessert and drinks of your choice. What would you have for breakfast at Doli's? Would you have a yummy burger, a bowl of salad, a bowl of cereals, toast, bacon and eggs or pancakes with butter and chocolate syrup? What kind of drink would you like for your breakfast at Doli's? Would you like a glass of lemonade, orange juice, a glass of tea, a cup of capuccino or a cup of coffee? How about your breakfast at Doli's dessert? Should it be a cupcake, a doughnut, a croissant, chocolate chips cookies, a pie or some biscuits? Make your own breakfast at Doli's playing this cooking game! Have fun!