This bride is so nervous about her wedding that she is blushing every time she counts the remaining days and hours. Can you imagine how she will feel like on her wedding day? Let's help her get rid of her anxiety with a fabulous blushing bride makeover! This is going to be lots of fun and it will take her mind away from her wedding. A bridal beauty, make up and shopping session will surely relax her. We begin with a facial beauty treatment to freshen up her skin tone. Then you can choose from continuing with a bridal makeup or a dress fitting session to find the perfect wedding gown and jewels. She looks stunning in a princess wedding dress and a glittery tiara. A mermaid dress would also fit her perfectly. Keep her busy dressing her up in lots of bridal dresses, gloves, flower bouquets, hairstyles, studs and shoes. Have fun playing this new facial beauty game!